In order to promote creative and flexible minds in our children, we need to create learning spaces that are creative and flexible. Creativity leads to strong problem solving and inquiry skills.
St Ambrose has been built with this in mind; spaces that are dynamic and capable of supporting different purposes. Natural light and colour has been used to create an inspirational ambiance to encourage learning.

St Ambrose has flexible learning rooms that can be linked or sub-divided using partitions and adaptable technology. This creates opportunities for accommodating different subjects, break out groups, combined classes and one-on-one instruction.

There will be an atmosphere of learning throughout the school.

Your child will learn how to adjust to change as they work in different spaces and structures. This builds resilience, flexibility and confidence in handling new situations.

The school is designed so that almost every internal part is flexible and able to be reconfigured. This means the school can accommodate different teaching approaches.

St Ambrose School is technology rich, wireless linked and staffed by teachers who understand the importance of carefully planned learning that incorporates technology.

Contemporary learning

Inside the classroom

Outdoor learning