Apple Distinguished School

St Ambrose Catholic Primary School is a recognised Apple Distinguished School for 2021-2024 for its professional learning culture that drives innovation across the school; focussed on high-quality instruction, digital learners and improved student outcomes. At St Ambrose, students are supported to build a broad range of technological competencies to achieve individualised goals that meet their learning needs.


Apple Distinguished Schools are centres of innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. They use Apple technology to connect students to the world, fuel creativity, deepen collaboration, and make learning personal. Having recognition as an Apple Distinguished School acknowledges the progressive and contemporary nature of education that is provided. This combined with a strong emphasis on Literacy, Numeracy and traditional values reflects St Ambrose as a school of excellence.

Principal of St Ambrose Catholic Primary School, Brian Laybutt, says "Since our school’s commencement in 2015, St Ambrose has always aspired to be a school that meaningfully embeds rich technological learning tasks into the day to day curriculum. This in turn fosters a high level of student engagement and develops appropriate core skills and an inquisitive approach to learning.”

“The selection of St Ambrose Catholic Primary School as an Apple Distinguished School highlights our success in creating an innovative and compelling learning environment that engages students and provides tangible evidence of academic achievement. Through the implementation of a 1:1 iPad program, learning experiences are crafted using Apple tools, to deepen students' understanding in innovative ways. Students collaborate to create engaging stories using iMovie, Keynote and Apple Books. They also record Podcasts designed to connect their learning with the world around them.”

Moving forward, St Ambrose will provide professional development and workshops for schools, parents and the wider community. The school will continue to forge networks with Apple Distinguished Schools and schools in the local area. We want our students to use their level of expertise to become responsible, independent and moral citizens in our digital world.