Enrolment Information


St Ambrose is a learning community designed to empower students through building a culture of high expectations, the capacity to think critically and creatively, and classrooms that engage the contemporary learner. Whilst providing an educational environment that is safe and supportive for all learners, St Ambrose seeks to provide students with a personalised and purposeful education and a faith-based in Catholic tradition, giving our students a great foundation for learning and life.

Our flexible learning spaces encourage collaboration and the opportunity to develop rich and engaging learning programs that are data driven and based on the assessment of & for learning. Catering to the individual needs of every learner, St Ambrose

identifies the need for education to be both meaningful and relevant to our students whilst providing them with skills to succeed later in life.

St Ambrose is built on strong partnerships that aim to connect, challenge, and collaborate amongst all of our key stakeholders in student learning, that is - parents, families, parish, community, and the school. If you are interested in observing learning in action at St Ambrose or wish to discuss a possible enrolment, please call on 02 6676 0099 to book a school tour.