Learning and Achievement

Kinder_first_day_2021_18.jpgThe high achievements of students from K-6 at St Ambrose are attributed to our teachers. Teachers are committed to tracking student growth to have point in time information to guide planning and to have targeted conversations with students, colleagues and parents/carers. Teachers have a comprehensive knowledge of the progression of skills and how data collection and analysis support content knowledge, teaching strategies and reporting.

Teachers access reliable and comprehensive tools to assist their professional judgments, feedback and planning so they are better able to target their teaching practices to meet the needs of all students. Teachers are recognised Apple Teachers who are devoted to learning new digital tools to enhance their practice. A variety of effective school-wide diagnostic testing tools are used by teachers to identify individual student needs, in order to create productive and inclusive learning environments to improve student outcomes.

Learning and teaching resources are developed to improve subject knowledge and teaching strategies across all learning areas. Classroom scaffolds are created collaboratively with students to improve their understanding of content and support them in the learning process. Self and peer assessment strategies provide opportunities for impactful feedback and are aligned with teaching programs. Students set, revise and achieve challenging learning goals.

Teachers make adjustments to cater for the individual learning needs of all students. Parents of students who require extensive adjustments and/or intervention are informed of these throughout the year. In addition to classroom differentiation, Literacy and Numeracy interventions support students who require small group or one-to-one learning experiences to practise taught concepts and skills.

We recognise that ‘grading’ is only one aspect of reporting to parents at St Ambrose. Other important tools are teacher feedback, student directed learning conferences and supplied information about student effort, application, behaviour and work habits.

Seesaw is used to create a digital portfolio of student work. This expands learning opportunities for all students, particularly in regard to the regular feedback they receive on this tool. Students upload their work and teachers give feedback and design materials to inform parents/carers of how they can support their child’s learning at home. This school-wide two-way communication enables opportunities for parents/carers to participate in the education of their children and school activities.