Partnerships with Parents

“Parents are partners in the education of their child. Importantly, Parents are the first and most important educator in their childs life. Parents provide valuable insight and information about their child which can assist staff in the child’s education. This is an outlook that is shared across all Diocesan schools and one that will be embraced by St Ambrose School.”
Brian Laybutt, Principal, St Ambrose Primary School

Parents are partners in the education of their child

We look to parents to support the school and the teachers, fostering a commitment to learning, and serving as positive role models. St Ambrose will be a school that values the differences in each child.


Importance of Parental Involvement

When parents are involved, students achieve more, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnic/racial background, or the parents’ education level. The more extensive the parents' involvement, the higher the students' achievement.

When parents are involved, students exhibit more positive attitudes and behaviour. Students whose parents are involved in their lives have higher graduation rates and greater enrolment rates in post-secondary

education. Educators hold higher expectations of students whose parents collaborate with the teacher. They also hold higher opinions of those parents.

Students are more likely to fall behind in academic performance if their parents do not participate in school events, develop a working relationship with their child’s educators, or keep up with what is happening in their child’s school. Student behaviours, such as alcohol use, violence, and antisocial behaviour decrease as parent’s involvement increases.

The benefits of involving parents are not confined to the early years; there are significant gains at all ages and grade levels.
(Student Outcomes – the parent factor: APC Review 3, 2002)

We would strongly encourage all parents to take a positive role in their child’s education.

Bring out the best in the child. It is recognised that everybody plays a part in a child’s education. The school and the family share the responsibility of creating positive learning environments in the classroom and at home to bring out the best in the child.

Catholic schools exist to serve the needs of parents who take seriously their baptismal commitments. We are at the heart of the Church’s mission making connections between life, faith and culture. Positive partnerships between parents and schools expand the opportunities for the success of each child.

At St Ambrose School, the pastoral care and wellbeing needs of the child will come first and form the basis of all interactions.