St Ambrose is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school for Years 3-6. Consequently, there is an expectation that students from Year 3 upwards will need to bring in their own iPad. It is envisaged that an iPad that is purchased for Yr 3 will remain with them for the next 4 years - through to the end of Yr 6. 

St Ambrose is committed to providing the highest standard of education for our students. Digital learning is a critical component of contemporary education with a growing need to equip our students with a skill set that befits the emerging technological future. As technology integration in classrooms continues to evolve it has become an essential tool that is regularly relied upon for school work set in class and at home. We use flexible, innovative, and creative teaching practices, which cater to students’ differing learning styles and needs. As such, we view technology as an essential tool to assist learning in all areas.

The success of our iPad program was recognised in 2021 as the school received the acknowledgment of being an Apple Distinguished school. This prestigious award has been bestowed to only 724 schools across 36 countries. St Ambrose's use of technology enhances student learning and engagement in a meaningful and embedded format.