Contemporary Learning

Learning is changing. The staff has embraced the advantages offered by technology, mixing new methods of teaching with proved approaches of the past. While the class learning spaces might look somewhat different to when you went to school the emphasis is firmly on quality teaching, and solid student outcomes.

A priority is being given to developing student’s basic skills. Creativity, adaptability and inquiry are necessary skills for the 21century learner and will be an important part of an exciting education.

St Ambrose is a school that is based around these contemporary learning goals; classrooms that are flexible and dynamic, teachers who embrace modern learning methods and a Principal who works closely with staff and parents to bring out the best in each child.

At St Ambrose your child will experience a school that is built with attention to detail to give them an engaging and stimulating learning environment.  

Inside the Classroom

A collaboration of creativity and structure

All types of learners and learning situations have been considered in the design of St Ambrose. Children need both structure and creativity to thrive. St Ambrose School has purposefully designed learning environments to create an excellent balance of both.

Your child will thrive in these innovative learning spaces.

Flexible furniture, the latest computer technology and unique, interesting classroom features have been incorporated to provide a stimulating and adaptable learning environment.

The learning areas including the library and classrooms have been designed to make the best use of light, space and colour.

Learning is inside and outside the classroom.

St Ambrose Primary School has been architecturally designed to incorporate the natural landscape into outside learning opportunities. The buildings have been designed around a central courtyard to provide a sense of community.

Classrooms are connected to the outside using flexible walls that create an indoor/outdoor space.

Your child will experience different learning spaces that will keep them interested and engaged in their work.

These learning areas are able to be easily adjusted to accommodate the weather and the type of activities planned.

The open planned spaces encourage learning in different situations giving teachers great flexibility.



Students at St Ambrose are offered a rich curriculum with opportunities to excel in all areas.  The seven Key Learning Areas are:

• English
• Mathematics
• Religious Education
• Science and Technology
• Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
• History
• Geography
• Creative Arts

In addition to the six Key Learning Areas currently offered in all NSW schools, Catholic schools also provide the Key Learning Area of Religious Education. All students at St Ambrose participate in the Catholic Religious Education Program and an acknowledged willingness to commit to this mission and the ethos of a Catholic primary school is essential.

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